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Character in Education
Many of the problems school teachers encounter today find their root in lack of character. Overriding the bullying, disrespect, inattentiveness, cheating, and drugs with teaching on good character will bring to the school higher achievement levels, increased student safety, and greater public confidence in the local schools.

In a City of Character, teaching children about character should begin in the family, with follow-up support coming from the local schools. Many suggestions for presenting the character quality each month are given on the page for parents on this website.

Educators will find that the learning environment improves greatly as the children begin to build character in their lives. For example, helping the children build attentive- ness, respect, and obedience will more than reward the teacher for the time invested in doing so. The class will be more manageable and the climate in the classroom will be much more suitable for learning. The test scores will prove it!

A program called Character First Education is a valuable resource for helping teachers present and encourage the children to build character qualities into their lives. In this program, the quality is introduced each month by either the teacher or a trained character coach in either an assembly or in each classroom. A teacher's booklet and training DVD or video is provided to give all the material necessary, as well as ideas, for each character quality. Training is available for teachers as well.

Using lively memory poems, the character presenter teaches the character quality with "I Will" action statements.
Practical demonstrations, songs, and games help the students learn the definition of the quality. A story of a role model from history helps the students see the application of the quality, while an analogy from nature, colorful posters, trading cards, and crafts complete the curriculum for each quality.

Click on the link below to find out more about Character First Education:
Or call (405) 815-0001.

"'Tis virtue which is the highest and most valuable part to be aimed at in education…all other considerations and accomplishments should give way and be postponed to this."

--John Locke

"To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society."

--Teddy Roosevelt

Contact the Character Council if you are interested in bringing character education into your school.
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