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The goal of the Character Council of Hempstead is to help build a community of people who will choose good character as a priority, regardless of the circumstances.

It is significant that our mayor and our City Council have taken the lead in proclaiming Hempstead unanimously to be a City of Character.
Where the government leads, the people will follow.

The City Council is one of the first organizations in the city to commit to being a character organization. Each month, they will learn about a new character quality, discuss ways of implementing it in the city government, and provide ways of rewarding good character in the government ranks.

Our Police Chief has also chosen to make the Hempstead Police Department a character organization, creating a climate of good character in the police department by education, practical implementation, and rewards. In additions to promoting it internally within the department, local policemen will be giving citations to citizens caught displaying good character qualities. Those citations awards will be accompanied with coupons good at local fast food restaurants.

With our government entities leading the way in building character, our community will find role models and will follow. The entire community will benefit in better relationships, increased volunteer- ism, unity, safety, and economic growth.

Building Character in Government
"It is the duty of all worthy, free, and virouous governments to encourage virtue."

--John Jay,
Chief Justice of the U.S.Supreme Court

"Our government was founded on the necessity of good character. A Constiutional government like the United States depends on man's ability to first regulate himself."

--James Madison

"The government must be based upon moral principle to maintain good order."

--Thomas Jefferson

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