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What is Character?
Character, either good or bad, is the sum of our habits of action and hidden attitudes, combined to display the essence of who we are to others around us. It has nothing to do with our physical appearance or our personality, but has everything to do with our relationships, our effectiveness, and our success in life. It is the result of goals we have set and the many choices, big or small, that result. Character is what makes us tick! It is what we do when no-one else is around to see our actions.

Our character can be changed! Learning about good character qualities, letting those qualities be the grid through which we make choices, and developing new habits of behavior will build good character in us.

Good character is built upon qualities that are universally recognized and time-tested as being right. They transcends all religion and are standards of good behavior that are deep in the heart of conscience of mankind.

These good character qualities fit together without contradiction and balance each other. They all add up to "putting others first."

Character is not the same as values, that change according to the times and the opinions of the people shaping them. Other words used for character qualities are "morals" and "virtues."

"The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out."
--Baron Thomas Babington MacCauley

Why Character?

"A good character is more valuable than gold."

"Every conflict in life can be traced to the neglect, violation, or misapplication of one or more character qualities."
--from The Power for
True Success, p. 9

Good character is like a compass that always points north, helping us to get our bearings and to find what is true and right when we are under pressure.
What is Good Character?
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